STORM DAMAGE & Insurance Claims Assistance

When a storm leaves you with potential damage, it's important to act quickly. It can be difficult knowing where to begin if you have multiple areas that suffered damage. Nor only has your roof been potentially compromised, but gutters, siding, and windows need inspecting as well. There's a good chance most of those are covered by insurance and Werner Restoration will help you navigate those damages and your coverage. Before contacting your insurance company and filing a claim, let Werner Restoration  inspect and verify damages. Leaks are dangerous if overlooked and even a small leak can create a network of irreversible issues. Dont let leaks compromise the safety of your assets. One phone call to Werner Restoration gets you in touch with experienced professionals who will respond immediately with your hassle-free inspection. They will safely survey damages and outline the post-storm situation. They will provide you a detailed inspection and written estimate formatted precisely for the insurance company.

Dealing with complicated insurance processes can be upsetting and filing a claim can be a long, stressful ordeal. Werner Restoration goes out of their way to ensure your insurance company pays for your new roof.  They will help you gather the correct documentation and guide you through filing, representing your best interest.  They also take great length in making sure your roof replacement is done quickly and accurately.


  1. Call Werner Restoration for a 100% FREE consultation.
  2. Werner Restoration outlines damages.
  3. Werner Restoration guides you through the claims paperwork, providing as much support as you'd like, allowing you to be involved at your preferred level.
  4. Insurance company schedules inspection. Werner is with you through each step, protecting you from overlooked damages.
  5. Werner Restoration builds comparison between all damages and insurance offer.
  6. You receive the initial payment in the amount of the ACV “ACTUAL CASH VALUE” which serves as the deposit to begin work.
    -  Please note that this check may be a two party check between you and your lender
    - Werner Restoratrion will assist in collecting deliverables for the mortgage company.


Werner Restoration's emergency response team is available 24 hours a day to safely repair and protect your property in cases of storm damage.

You may need temporary repairs to sustain your comfort throughout the roofing process. Broken and cracked windows should be sealed, covered or removed.  Exposed areas in the roof and walls should be tarped off to prevent further damage. Werner Restoration understands the importance of not just your roof, but your comfort and security during the roofing process.