When it comes to your business, time is money. Werner Restoration understands the importance of minimizing the impact a roofing project makes on your customers or business.  — your time and your business becomes their top priority.

High quality craftsmanship, reliability and customer service have become synonymous with their name. Werner Restoration doesn’t cut corners, meaning the chances of their work needing to be redone are slim to none. Too many times customers have learned the hard way that the cheapest solution ended up being the most expensive. Too many times Werner Restoration is hired to correct unnecessary problems left by cheap labor.

It's no wonder why the commercial roofing industry has a bad reputation. With Werner Restoration, they strive to set the standard higher, with accountability and satisfaction – both before and after your roofing project is over. It's that approach to customer satisfaction that initiated their national expansion, allowing them to show states like Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Ohio how roofing should be. Today their commercial roofing services span across the Rocky Mountain Front Range, mid-west and surrounding regions in the south.

Werner Restoration is experienced in
  • Flat Roof
  • TPO Roofs
  • EPDM Roofs
  • BUR
  • Modified Bitumen
  • PVC Roofs
  • Monolithic Restoration Systems
  • Metal Roofs
  • And many more

Commercial Roofing Services

When a problem arises, whether it was from neglect, the elements of nature or age, let Werner Restoration deliver you the PERMENANT solution. Common low slope (flat roof) conditions that require repair are:
• Leaks
• Splits and blisters
• Ponding water
• Roof top equipment terminations and penetrations
• UV damage
• Hail & wind
Your commercial building needs to be protected. Even small leaks can become very costly if left unaddressed. Werner Restoration is experienced in metal roofing and can take care of any potential problems before expensive repairs are necessary. Their specialists will evaluate your roof's condition free of charge. They explain the repairs before they begin and bring a commitment to quality to each aspect of the project. If you are experiencing any of the following, be sure to call Werner Restoration right away.
• Leaks
• Rattling noise when it’s windy
• Rust
• Ponding water
• Light shining through
• Or any other issues that concern you
The best time to call Werner Restoration is before a problem begins. Identifying potential problems beforehand increases options for repair and saves money. It's true that no two clients' needs are exactly the same. That's why each and every customer plan is created for their individual needs.
Roofs often deteriorate due to lack of maintenance. However, you can protect your roof with semi-annual surveys and custom maintenance programs. These tailored procedures will minimize or eliminate unexpected repairs and protect your investment for extra years to come.
Typical maintenance includes:
• Sealing penetrations
• Terminations repair
• UV protection application
• Minor repair due to birds, other trades, heavy traffic, etc.
Not all damage is visible. Werner Restoration's roof inspectors are trained to spot even the slightest warning signs of trouble. When a serious storm rolls through town, call Werner Restoration for a free inspection to assess storm damage. During your post-storm roof inspection, every inch of your roof will be examined for damage that could easily be overlooked. Inspections include:
• Documenting our findings
• Maintaining inspection history
• Written recommendations
• Providing HAAG Certified reports of storm damage
• Assisting with filing claims and the claims process
Roof restoration can be an excellent choice for sustainability and longevity of your company roof. Commercial roof restoration is unique in a sense that the old roof isn't removed, but materials are added to a still structurally-sound roof.
Some benefits of restoration include:
• Reduced disruption to customers
• Tax incentives
• No need for expensive roofing removal
• Ponding areas easily addressed to reduce ponding
• UV protection
• Systems are polyester reinforced
• 300% stronger & 100% more elastic than Built up or cap sheet roofing
• No thermo-cycling
• Cool roofs do not get hotter than 15% above ambient temperature
• Title 24 compliant with well documented energy savings
In cases where roof damage is beyond repair, then you have no choice but to replace your roof. Additionally, if the roof has been previously re-covered, it can't be restored again. Replacing your commercial roof may allow opportunities to implement new roofing technologies and lower future maintenance costs as well.
Werner Restoration is Carlisle Trained and Certified and held to the industries' highest standards. They have many options that including NDL (No Dollar Limit) manufacturer warranties but their specialty is working with insurance companies on storm claims. Their in-house adjusters work to restore your property back to pre-storm condition as painless and quickly as possible.

How to file a claim

  1. Call Werner Restoration for a free detailed consultation.
  2. Once Werner Restoration has determined that there is sufficient damage to the property, we will sit down with you and help file the claim on your behalf.
  3. The insurance company will set up an inspection on your property, we will meet the adjuster to make sure all damages are accounted for and recorded.
  4. Now that you have gotten the insurance to accept responsibility for the damages a scope of work will then be provided from the insurance company.
  5. Werner Restoration will go through the work scope meticulously to make sure all the damage that was seen on the inspection is on the paperwork.
  6. You will then receive a first check in the amount of the ACV “ACTUAL CASH VALUE” which will be the amount to get the project started.

    a. Please note that this check may be a two party check between you and your lender

    b. can assist you in the process of getting the proper documents from the mortgage company to get the project going.

    c. This can be one of the most frustrating things for an owner to do.

  7. Werner Restoration is committed to helping all of customer’s get through this time of distress smoothly and efficiently
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